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( Jul. 27th, 2020 11:06 am)
Name: Fred Vandenberg
        Formerly: Felix
Age: 19
Appearance note: will generally wear a hat in his civilian identity (so to speak) to hide the length of his hair.
Application: Here
Occupation: College student/unemployed
Family: Here

  • Mental: A memory of nearly drowning
  • Physical: Reduced speed of aging
  • Mental: Yepp's Song
  • Physical: beginning sword skills
  • Mental: Spire Psynergy
  • Mental: Cure Psynergy
  • Creature: Echo, as a cat
  • Item (including T2, July 2014): The Sol Blade, in reduced, less-magical form
  • Mental: Determination to save the world at any cost
  • Mental: A memory of Gaia Falls
  • Mental: Memory of the Procne summon, its appearance, and that he's summoned it
  • Mental/Creature (T2, plot): Memory of Echo's Djinn tutorial, and Echoed!Echo's Djinni shape
  • Mental: Knowledge that he promised to protect Sheba (who's Sheba?)
  • Mental: The names and faces of Saturos and Menardi
  • Ability (T2, March 2014): Level up!
  • Mental: Knowledge that he had friends who could turn water into ice with their minds
  • Item: Felix's cape
  • Item: Felix's mask
  • Ability: Inventory system (fifteen slots, no stacking)
  • Ability/Creature: Ability to put the djinni Echo into Set and Standby
  • Memory: A scene from the Elemental Star Chamber, featuring a man named Alex teleporting in
  • Memory: The names of Tret and Kolima Forest
  • Physical: Felix's ponytail
  • Mental/Item (T2, June 2014): The memory of Briggs' escape from Alhafra, and a powerless Burst Brooch
  • Ability: limited form of Sand Psynergy (time and capacity limit, no innate knowledge of how to move as sand)
  • Item: a powerless Teleport Lapis
  • Memory: The names of the Ray Psynergies, and some idea of their appearance

Blanket permission: If your character has the ability and inclination to read Fred's mind, they may; however, I ask that you let me know if they do, because what I put in a tag outside of dialogue often has little or nothing to do with the character's thoughts.
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( Mar. 1st, 2014 11:16 am)
Think I could be doing something better with Fred? Something bugging you about him that you just want to get off your chest? Tell me here! Screening on.
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( Jul. 31st, 2013 11:57 am)
Like many people, Fred has a family.

Unlike many people, Fred has a mun with a genealogy background.

Therefore, Fred now has a family tree.

Large image; accurate (if incomplete) as of 7/31/13 )


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